I dreamed a thousand dreams

by thecraftaholic


never thought I’d actually

be able to

reach for the sky


climb tall buildings or

be a

super                                       hero

I dreamed a thousand dreams

as a child, I did.

and wondered a thousand wonders

pondered the philosophies of life as a child





I’m a grown                               woman

and I still must convince myself

that I can indeed,

dream a thousand dreams

and make them


I can.

I will

and what did rumi say?

He said…

slide out the side, and be quiet.

he said that silence is golden

“The Silent full moon comes out now.”

I wrote this poem while realizing a few things, from my lady part issues. Suffice to say, that it is not fun to have cysts in your lady parts, as it causes you and your body quite a lot of confusion.  So that’s what’s going on with my lady parts. Nothing but a bunch of bubbles.

The Craftaholic