Day 306: Make a Spiral Bound Recipe Organizer

by thecraftaholic


“Then, in times of need, one should rise to the occasion and fight bravely for what is right.”

-The Dalai Lama

Yeah! Stand up for what you believe in. I mean, it’s not just to be taken in the sense of protesting, and picketing (although I’ve done my share of those). It’s really about not being afraid to defend what you believe in. A lot of times we can feel intimidated by the popular beliefs of the evnironment around us, but it does not have to be this way.

Everyone has a right to believe what they choose, weather they believe in Jesus or Buddha, or Mohammed, or even Beelzebub. Truly. It is a person’s right to believe what they want, and we must respect the beliefs of others. We also must lead by example. To me, it’s more annoying to hear someone tell me what they believe in by shouting it, or stopping me in my tracks while I’m in a rush to a doctor’s appointment.

It’s nicer to just lead by example, so that when I look at your life, I say, wow. That’s a cool person. That’s a person who lives what she believes. I have a friend named Tracy who is like that. She is a born again christian. Her husband is a preacher, and actually he married my husband and I. What I love about them, is that they never once convince me to believe what they do. Instead, I look at her life…and she’s one of the few people I admire. I admire her mostly for having 4 children and keeping her sanity and wits about her. It’s nicer that way, you know?

Today, I finally made the perfect recipe organizer. I have said before that I collect recipes and recipe clippings from packages and magazines. So I have a shop rite bag FULL of recipes. FULL.

So I have been seeking the perfect organizer, and I think I found it. FINALLY!

And, just to be nice, I’m including a tute! You will need a binditall machine, or spiral binding machine.

Here’s the finished work:

It’s a typical scrapbook style book, but that’s what I was going for-something bright and colorful to go in my kitchen.

The first thing you’re going to do, is get 16 sheets of scrapbook sized paper. Separate them in two stacks. Cut out two pieces of chipboard, at the measurement; 9.5″ x 7.5″.

The first 8 will be folded, as pictured:

Get it? Now, the other 8 pages will be the pockets of the book. Fold them like this:

Fold the paper in half.

Then, just wrap it over the paper. The pocket, is the fold that you made, when you folded it in half.

Now, just make the holes with the binditall machine, cover the chipboard cover with pretty papers and embellishments and ribbons, and voila!

So that’s all folks. I am on a roll with my swaps! I’ve got two out the door, now today I’ve got to work on my owl swap. Arg. What to make, what to make…..

My daughter loves Zippy. You UK residents know what I’m talking about. A friend sent me a little toy zippy for my little one, and she absolutely loves it. He’s cute, eh?What else? Not much on the homefront today. Leftovers for dinner, and I’ve got to work on my swaps.

The Craftaholic