Day 305: A Couture Butterfly Necklace WIP

by thecraftaholic


“Ideally, one should have a great deal of courage and strength, but not boast or make a big show of it.”

-The Dalai Lama

Courage and strength are two things that when they are boasted about, do show the fact that one is perhaps lying. I mean, there is really no need to boast. In fact, it’s rather annoying when people boast about their lives, or how grand they think they are, or how “brave” they have had to be for one reason or another.

Some things should be kept sacred. You know? When you sit there and make a big show of something, all you do is… desecrate the beauty of your courage. You know?

Today, I’m showing you a work in progress. This is a butterfly pendant I made, for a swap that I’m in. It’s nice when your swap partner is a personal friend.

Nice, right? I love that I made a pair, so I can make one for myself.

I am in the middle of making the necklace. It’s a knotted and beaded necklace, like ones I’ve seen in the city here and there. So I’m calling this piece the “Couture Butterfly Necklace” because it really looks it, doesn’t it?

I have signed up for more swaps, even though I told myself no more. Why? I don’t know. I can’t help myself. I don’t do it to recieve, I do it so I can keep making stuff and not clutter my home. De-stashing is wonderful.

Speaking of de-stashing, I clean my closet, rather than go art supply shopping (as I am broke, and can’t right now). I have to say, it’s quite therapeutic! Put on a record, listen to your favorite tunes, and organize your stash!


I was in such a rush this morning, to finish my project, because my daughter has swimming classes. But she doesn’t want to go. She loves the community pool, and has lots of fun. But…well…I know this is going to sound like a conceited parent, but she is a very BRIGHT  kid. She knows a lot for her age, and with that, she likes to be independant. She doesn’t like the setup of the classes, at all. It’s annoying, because I really wanted to take her! It is so much fun, and the park is so lovely early in the morning. Ohwell. There is always next year.

The Craftaholic