Day 304: Art Making In Central Park

by thecraftaholic


“Status and fame do not really help much in this life and do nothing for future lives.”

-The Dalai Lama

Why is it that we get so caught up in identifying ourselves through labels? Labels. Honestly, I hate them. Why do you have to label yourself a this or a that? It almost makes you think that we try to keep others away with the labels we put upon ourselves.

Are we? Are we trying to keep away certain types of people? Or, do we just want to make ourselves feel better, by distinguishing ourselves by our title?

We are no better than ants. We truly are not. And again, I’ll say what I’m always saying: no one really cares. No one cares about your MFA, or your classically trained whatever, or your professional this or that. No one cares. Words don’t matter in life. Do you really remember Picasso for his words, or his paintings? Do you remember Jean-Michel Basquiat for what came out of his mouth, or what came out on canvas?

We remember Allen Ginsberg for what he created. A writer, a poet…a poet creates stories and feelings and transports you, with just the melody of his words.

We remember the mighty, not for their words, but the life they lead.

Yesterday, I went to Central Park with some friends from my craft group. We met in front of the Dakota (where John Lennon used to live), and then ventured in to Strawberry fields.

I made a tin for my knitting notions. I lost my last one, with all the notions too, so here’s a new one.

Like it? The paper is fancy pants, and the dress from and butterflies are from Webster pages.

Here’s a few of us, in action:

It was so much fun!

Today, I have to re-organize my supplies. They are once again, a mess.  I also have to look through my yarn bin, for a project a friend and I are working on.

I also have to work on some swaps today, so that should be fun. Butterflies, and Owls. Yay!

The Craftaholic