Day 303: My Daughter’s Artwork

by thecraftaholic


“One can be deceived by 3 types of laziness: indolence, inferiority, and the laziness that is attached to negative actions.”

-The Dalai Lama

Woah, dude.  Laziness really does cause bad things to happen. Really. It’s not just that it MAKES bad things happen, as much as you aren’t doing anything, and that idleness is very, very bad. It’s like when your car just sits there idling. It’s wasteful, both to the environment, and to your pocket (because it wastes gas). Spend your time wisely. Life is too short to waste time being lazy.

Today, I made some WIPs with my daughter by my side. Instead of showing you what I made, I want to show you her artwork. She’s only three, but she is a natural born artist, with amazing ability. For this piece, she took a couple shrink plastic buttons from my desk. She also has a regular button there, and some papers that she crumpled and added to the piece, along with some scrap papers that she painted, with purple finger paint.

I love it! She inspires me so much.

Here you can see the crumpled paper, globs of glue, and papers that she layered and collaged on top of the construction paper. I think it’s amazing, especially given the fact that she’s only three years old. Right?

And here’s a cheesy shot of her holding her work:

Today I have a full day! I have a meetup with my craft group. We are going to central park, for some art making in the park. After that, I’m going to a swap. Full and busy day!

Then, I’ll go home, of course.

I have to run. I’ve got to figure out what I want to make with my group today!

The Craftaholic