Day 302: Owlish Magnets

by thecraftaholic


“Laziness will stop your progress in your spiritual practice.”

Laziness is just purely wrong. It’s not just wrong, it just stops you. Laziness. It’s hard sometimes to get up and move ourselves, to motivate ourselves to keep going. Sometimes it almost seems comforting to just be lazy and not move. But that’s not the answer.

The answer is always to keep moving, keep trying, keep being. Always.

Today, I made a set of owl magnets for my swap partner. I’m in an Owl Swap. This is only part of it, I’ve got loads more to make for her.

Cute, right?

That’s all for now, except that I have to find a new lady parts doctor. Great. My old one doesn’t accept my insurance. Wonderful. My new one doesn’t have her own x ray and sonogram equipment, so you have to make a new appt. for each procedure. Pain in my ass. So now what? I must find a doctor, which I hate doing, because New York is SO full of doctors, there are really too many to choose from.

On another note, I’m going out with my little one today. Going to a block party in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Where is Williamsburg? I’ll tell you in spanish, then in english. In spanish I’d say, “Por las ventas de el carajo”. And in english, far as hell from the train. That’s williamsburg.

On that note, I’ve got to run. Coffee to make, and baby to make breakfast for.

The Craftaholic