Day 301: Hand Stamped Cards

by thecraftaholic


“Please realize your responsibility, remember your potential, and have self-confidence. Have an open mind and a sense of caring & belonging.”

-The Dalai Lama

If only we could realize our potential and remember our responsibilities as mothers, families, and spouses. We have a responsibility to our family. This doesn’t just mean the cooking, the cleaning, and driving to and from school. I mean that we must live up to our potential, if we plan on being the best parent we can, the best wife or husband we can. It’s true. How can you tell your children to pursue their dreams, when you never pursued yours? True, you may have impossible dreams. But I firmly believe in creating the impossible. Make it happen! Lead by example. My mother made a lot of mistakes with me, and to be honest, our relationship is strained because of that. But the one thing she did, was go to college. I was still a small child, and she had my father to live with, who never cooks or cleans. On top of that, she had a language barrier. And still, she made the dean’s list. And did the cooking, and the cleaning. So I admire that in her. She made it happen. You know? The best gift you can give a child is the ability to admire you as a person.

Today, I will admit something to you: I am in a creative rut. Seriously. I feel no inspiration! It’s because of the phases of the moon. The moon is almost full, and when that happens, I normally run out of creative energy. Today, I made a couple of simple hand stamped cards. I like them alot, because they really make a statement, just on their own. I decided to put them up for sale in my shop.

You like it? It’s for sale, in my shop.

I also made a simple owl card.

Click here to buy it in my shop.

Another card I made, was a cute birthday card.

Click here to buy it in my shop!

So, what do you think? This was my way of fighting the creative rut. And, I really do love the simplicity of these cards a lot. Today is another hot day. I told you about my “lady parts” acting up. Well, today I’ve got a doctor’s appointment. I was going to a very nice doctor in manhattan for a while, but I decided to go back to the doctor who delivered my daughter, just in case they have to cut me open or something, I’d rather be in Brooklyn than all the way up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

That’s all for today. Yesterday I made the most amazing chicken alfredo. OMG. It came out so good! Today, I’m going to make some banana cream pie. Yum.

The Craftaholic