Day 300: Hand Stamped Cards

by thecraftaholic


“As long as you’re not completely enlightened there will always be an inner obstruction to knowledge…”

-The Dalai Lama

What does it mean to be completely enlightened? It means you’ve removed the obstacles in your life, the things that only damage you or get in the way.

So then, remove them! Is it that easy? Not always. I think that sometimes we, in a sick way, like the obstacles. Either we like to complain, or we just have some ulterior motive for slowing ourselves down. Think about it. You talk about quitting smoking. You’ve tried it. But…you…actually like smoking. You like sitting outside and having a smoke once in a blue.

Think about the things that get in the way of your happiness, of your success and your peace. Make YOU a priority, by removing them. As mothers and fathers, we tend to make everyone else a priority but ourselves. And so we create obstructions, by not making ourselves a priority. Make yourself a priority. The best way to be a good mother or good wife, is for your family to know you care for youself, and you take time for yourself. Right? Right.

Last night, I went to glassybaby and made some hand stamped cards. I took the F train which is a few blocks further than the A. Next time, I’ll take the A, instead of shlepping my crap halfway across town. Here’s some shots of our night:

A Table Shot.

I brought A LOT of stamps. Too much, probably.

Here’s what I made:

NICE, right? The background stamp is *I think* a retired stampin up set, as well as the letters. The paper is just construction paper. Such simple ingredients make such a cool statement. Let this be a lesson: you don’t always have to clutter up a page, to make an artistic statement.

Another retired Stampin up stamp. I do, if you haven’t noticed, love retired stampin up stamps. I don’t know, somehow they are better when they are not manufactured anymore. Who knows.

Nice, right? I can’t remember, but the sentiment is stampin up. I don’t think it’s retired, but you’d have to check with your local SU rep. The hand is a stamp from my local stamp shop, The Ink Pad. I plan on throwing myself a birthday party this year, and telling everyone who attends to buy me certificates to the Ink Pad and Dick Blick.

I have so much fun at Glassybaby! On the 21st, we’re going to be making our own herbal tea blends. YAY!

My daughter has her first swimming lesson today. I am so excited. I wish I could take pictures, but they don’t allow cameras. Ohwell.

That, and the utter heat is just getting me plain annoyed. I hate it. Ugh. I don’t mind hot days, but really. Must it be this hot?