Day 299: A Chunky Book Work In Progress

by thecraftaholic


“We are not well equipped to be aggressive beings. Even the size of our mouth is very small.”

-The Dalai Lama

We really are

small beings

but we make ourselves

we inflate ourselves

as if we somehow…

deserve to be more

than the woman in times square who wraps herself in bags.

she smiles often.

who are we, are we better than ants?

ants work hard and work together

never biased

never divided

we however

always differ

Today, I packed up my stamps for a fun workshop that I am teaching at Glassybaby, in Manhattan. We’re doing a “stamp a stack” style class, making a stack of 5 o 10 hand stamped cards.

I also started a project: another book. I have high hopes for this one. I found a cute little frame that is going to go on the cover.

These are the pages of the book. I distressed the egdes, but I’m not finished aging them yet.

Here’s the little vintage frame I found:

Pretty, right?

It fits the pages perfectly. I’m not sure about a theme, I usually don’t know until I start decorating it.

Well, I should go. I have to pack up my stamps, and my heat gun, and get ready for this workshop!

The Craftaholic