I’ll be by your side

by thecraftaholic

A poem. This one is called:

I’ll be by your side

I am

still crazy

still by your side

these eleven years later

still wandering

Eleven years with you,


and I

grow older with you

and I

live by your side and I


see a

glimpse of what could be, of what is to be

whilst my little one dances, I sing and

while I sing, she smiles and

she is

a piece of you and me

a part of you and a part of me, and a part of our ancestors, who lived in the mountains

this little person who has my eyes and your “good hair”

and my toes and a brain of her own

I am


I want no others, but you and her, by my side

until the day of my death

when I’ll be by your side, even still