100 Things to Do Before I Die

by thecraftaholic

If you had one year left to live, what would you do with it?

I started thinking about this, after some silly reality tv commercial. So what would YOU do, if you had one year left to live? Without thinking of money restraints, I’ve made my list. It’s not finished yet, but nevertheless, here it is.

If I had one year left to live, I would:

1. Write in my journal every day, letters to my daughter, Dakota

2. Write. Alot.

3. Travel to India

4. Find a way to somehow, meet the Dalai Lama

5.  Get a Winnebago

6. Travel across the country

7. Get my message to everyone-that art heals

8. Go to France. Because I want to. And eat cheese.

9. Go to The French Culinary Institute. Not because I want a new career. But because I’ve always wanted to afford it.

10. Get my husband to finish his album

11. Go to the movies with my husband every week. Because I don’t do that enough.

12. Kiss him more often

13. Make love. Not just THAT way, silly. But in every way.

14. Shower in a Waterfall

15. Go to Machupichu

16. Tell my landlord he’s a cheap bastard

17. Learn to play the piano

18. Stop Doubting Myself

19. Do Yoga EVERY day

20. Meditate often

21. Write down the stories of my crazy family, so my daughter will know what nuttiness she comes from

22. Go skinny-dipping at midnight in the South of France

23. Backpack in Southeast Asia

24. Travel to Mexico, visit Frihda’s home, and celebrate the Day of the Dead

25. See the sun rise

26. and set

27. Finish reading all of the books I own

28. Get my PRE-Wedding figure back.

29. Write the story of my life

30. Sleep under the stars

31. Spend the night in a haunted house

32. Get a tattoo. Or two. Or more.

33. Fall in love again

34. Have a pet rock

35. Make Pottery

36. Paint a Pretty Picture

37. See a Fairy

38. Have two dachsunds-a boy and a girl, and name one Harold and one Maude

39. Own a solid black cat

40. Move

41. Go to India

42. And France

43. Tell my parents what I REALLY believe in

44. Visit an working Indian Reservation

46. Visit Frida Khalo’s house

47. And her grave

49. Teach my daughter to knit

50. Tell my sister she’s loved

51. Learn to say no