Day 294: Star Accordion Scrapbook

by thecraftaholic


“True compassion is not an emotional response but a firm commitment founded in reason.”

-The Dalai Lama

The logical thing, is to be compassionate and practice kindness. It’s not something you do because you FEEL like you should do, it is simply something that we must do, as humans. Life is not always about getting ourselves further ahead of another. Sometimes we must stop, and practice compassion. We MUST. If we all were to practice kindness and compassion, can you imagine the world we would live in?

Today, I made an Star Accordion Bound Scrapbook.

Pretty, right? I hope to teach this as a class at the Ink Pad in August.

A very bad shot of the inside.

I’ve got to go, as my parents are coming over. We’re going to the Natural History Museum with my little one. By the way, I am loving the weather the past couple days! Not too hot, and the sun is out and everything. Fabulous. If only it were like this more often instead of the sweaty, sweltering heat.

The Craftaholic