Day 292: Block Printed Trees & Lucky Cat Magnets

by thecraftaholic


“If you want to know what will happen in the future, look at what your mind is doing now.”

-The Dalai Lama

Woah, man. You see, that you can literally create your world? Your world is comprised of your thought process.

It’s not that you are like one of the cast from the TV show “Charmed” where they were able to conjur and create things quite literally. I mean that your wolrd is what you think it is.

Life is only negative if you see it that way. Life can be good, or it can be terrible. It’s really your choice. It’s not what happens in life that makes life good or bad. It’s how you respond to it, and what you expect out of life. You shouldn’t put high expectations on people and places and things. Life is what it is, and we have no control over other people and how they are going to react.

We can though, change our expectations, or rather, not have any. I don’t mean lower your expectations. I mean don’t expect in the first place.

Today, I finished the lino cut block print I was working on yesterday. Actually, my daughter was watching, and to keep her from being jabbed with the speedball thingie, I was guarding the thing with my hand, and ended up jabbing myself. But thanks to my hello kitty bandaid, I am A-ok.

Do you like it? I think it’s pretty darn cool. I made these thinking about how cool they would look as invites, with some typewriter font letters at the top center. What do you think?

Here is the linocut itself:

And more shots:

I love block printing! It’s so much fun!

I also made some lucky cat magnets, for a swap I’m in. She has cats.

I hope she likes them.

That’s all for now. It’s another hot day today, but we went grocery shopping, so I am tempted to cook today. Today, we’re going to have rice and beans and chicken. Yum. I could eat rice and beans every day and not get sick of it. My husband however, does not feel the same way.

What else? Peanut Butter pie for dessert. OMG, it’s amazing. Trust me. And don’t worry, a recipe will be posted tomorow.

The Craftaholic