Day 291: A Crocheted Flower Clip

by thecraftaholic


“He is able who thinks he is able.”

-The Buddha

You are what you think, truly. It is amazing the power that the mind has over your world and your situation in life. If you believe yourself to be unable, you will be.

It’s not just about “thinking positive”. It’s about changing the way you respond to the world around you, so that your thought process is different. Then, you don’t have to think positive, because you’ve changed the way you see the world.

Today, I cheated. I’m posting something I made yesterday, because my thing for today (a block print) isn’t ready yet.

Cute, right? I am making more, don’t worry. Yesterday we went to the park, to celebrate my daughter’s friend Itzel’s birthday.

Dakota and Itzel. They were playing kickball.

So that’s that.

I would post a picture of my work in progress, but I don’t like to show the block prints when they aren’t finished yet, since it just looks odd. I’m still carving it. And it’s the weekend, and my husband is off, so I am off to hang out with my hubby and daughter.

The Craftaholic