Day 281: A Set of Cards, and A Set of Stitch Markers

by thecraftaholic


“All living beings, starting with insects, want happiness and not suffering.” -The Dalai Lama

We should remember this when we are annoyed at people, I think. Also, we should remember this when we begin to think ill of others. You know?

Anyway, today I made a set of cards for a swap. Actually, I made two things for two separate swaps.

The first one, is as mentioned, a set of cards. This is sort of a generic style of cards, but I wasn’t sure what my partner would like, so anyway this is it:

Kind of cute, right? I used a set of stamps by “Rubber Soul”.

The other thing I made is a set of stitch markers for a stitch marker swap.

This is a set of stitch markers with a “Zen” theme. I used these little charms because it reminds me of nature, which gives me a zen feeling.

That’s a close up. You think she’ll like it? I hope she does. It was fun. Now that my little one goes to sleep at a reasonable hour, it gives me time while my husband gets home, to make some crafty things. I finished the cowl I was working on, now I’m working on a little throw for my little one, on her bed. It’s pink. I know, I know. But actually, sometimes pink is rather nice.

What else? I have so many swaps. So I am quite busy, making things for them.

It’s a sunny day today, and I am going to take my little one to the park. I’m meeting up with an old friend who had moved to vermont, and then came back to NYC. We usually meet up at places because I live closer to Coney Island and people think I live too far. But I don’t, people I promise! It just sounds further than it is.

The Craftaholic