Day 280: A finished work, and a Set of Cards

by thecraftaholic


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

-The Buddha

Think about this, before you go flying with ideas. Discover your world. What is your world? You can define it by the things you choose to surround yourself with. What do you surround yourself with? For me, it’s art, family, swaps, and the eco system. It takes a while to really figure out what it is you surround yourself, intentionally and unintentionally. Go out one day, and just be alone, and think about it. What do you surround yourself with? This is your world. What should you give your heart to? Give it back to what you surround yourself with.

Today, I made a COOL set of cards.

This one says, “Quirky”.

Recognize the flowers? These are from my shop, on etsy. These cards are cool, right? They almost look like leather, I think.

Oh! And here’s the finished book, from the class I taught yesterday.

Nice, right?

Hmmm. What else? Well, I finished my cowl, also.

The Pink Widow Cowl.

Making this cowl is quite simple. Just cast on about 25 or 30 stitches, and do a stockinette stitch until your skein is almost finished. You only need to leave enough to sew up the seam together.

I don’t know why this even needs a pattern, really.

I used Paton’s Divine yarn, with size 17 needles. I use big needles a lot because I have carpal tunnels syndrome and just flat out refuse to stop knitting. Who cares dammit, a girl’s got to knit. Right? So I don’t do much crochet anymore because it hurts too much, but knitting is fine if I use big enough needles.

OH! I named this the Pink Widow Cowl, after my sister in law, Grey Widow. The first time I ever saw a cowl was on her, and it was a similar style to this one, only it was crocheted.