Day 274: A Very Productive Morning

by thecraftaholic


“The mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness.” -The Buddha

Wow, I almost want to be lazy and not say anything about this. Actually, I feel like if I do, I will diminish the quote. But I will leave you with this thought: the entire search for peace, wisdom and the state of Nirvana is summed up with the above quote. We can choose to be what we want, or we can choose to be miserable.

Today, I did many things. I wanted to save them, but I can’t. I want to share with you the fun crafty things I made!

The first thing I made, was an envelope book. I made a scrapbook out of it.

Cute, right? This is an easy project. I’ll be posting a tutorial for it tomorrow or the next day.

That’s the inside.

This is the other side. There’s stuff sticking out of the inside pocket. I love me some pockets.

I also made this:

I’m not sure if the colors match, but I like it. The flower is just beaded with wire, and wrapped around a brad, then glued onto a bezzel ring. Easy peasy. I made this flower to match one I’d seen in a store and couldn’t afford.

Cute, right? These are just a set of simple tags, that have been cut and hand stamped. You know me and owls. I made these because I had seen a whole bunch of things similar to this that sell a lot on etsy, and I frankly have no idea why. There’s nothing to it, really. It’s just plain paper that is stamped. Right?

Also, I want to destash this book. I actually want to swap it for some good quality non acrylic yarn. Anyone interested?

It’s brand new. I haven’t used it. I want some new yarn, and I figured that rather than waste money listing it on ebay or etsy, I’d rather just swap it for something I really want.  So if you’ve got some nice chunky wool, mohair, hand spun yarn, or something nice to knit with, please comment here with your email, and I’ll contact you.

The Craftaholic