Day 273: Make Shrink Plastic Earrings & A Mock Frapuccino

by thecraftaholic


“Since at the beginning and end of our lives we’re so dependent on others’ kindness, how can we neglect kindness toward others in the middle?” -The Dalai Lama

It’s because we get lazy. That’s what I think.

I live in New York City, and here, we just get tired and are scurrying around, doing our thing. We forget to stop and be nice to people at times. You know? It’s easy to forget, I guess.

Sometimes we have to take out time to just smile and be kind to others. Take out the time to go outside your comfort zone, and just be considerate of others. Don’t do it with expectation of someone responding nicely. I mean, don’t think that someone will just be nice back. That’s not why we choose to spread kindness. We spread kindness, because in spreading, we give it back to ourselves.

Today, I worked with shrink plastic. It’s so easy peasy!

You’ll need:

A rubber stamp


color pencils

clear shrink plastic



heat gun

So, all you need to do, is sand the shrink plastic. The package of shrink plastic should tell you what specific grit of sandpaper to buy. Sand it down in a criss cross motion.

Then, you can stamp your image onto the plastic, and color it in.

When you cut it out, remember to punch a hole in the top, so you can easily attach it to an earring back. Then, cut it out.

Then, just heat it with your heat gun. It will curl up, then it’ll go flat. It’s helpful to do it on the floor, and have a hardcover book and spatula, to ensure that the charm will go perfectly flat.

After that, just attach the earring backs.

So what do you think? This pair is made with a leaf stamp from Judikins.

I made another pair, too.

This one is made with a cabychon from etsy, and a flower stamp from Stampin Up. This is from the “Fabulous Flowers” set that is now retired.

I stamped it with blue pigment ink, also from stampin up.

Easy peasy! I like this pair alot, actually. I should mention that if you make the latter pair, you should make four flowers, and punch TWO holes in two of them, and one hole in the other two.

Also, let the ink dry first, or else it will smudge when you cut it.

I want to make a bracelet to match this, what do you think?

Oh! and here’s my glorious window sill garden.

I love that you can see the other window in this picture. The one thing my daughter and I love do is plant little seeds. Here’s one we just planted a week or so ago. I got this as a kit in a swap.

I LOVE this.

So I recently got a blender. This past weekend, actually. So, I figured I’d post my recipe for Mock Frapuccinos. It’s easy!

All you do, is brew about half a cup of coffee or so, and let it get cold, cold, cold in the fridge.

Then, blend it together with about two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and a little bit of caramel flavored liquid creamer.

If you want it extra thick, just use more ice cream, or throw in some ice cubes. You don’t need any sugar, since the ice cream has sugar in it. Unless you have a major sweet tooth, then just go ahead. But I’m running low on sugar, so I didn’t add any extra.

That’s it, really! You can top it with whipped cream if you wish. You could even use half vanilla and half chocolate, for a iced mocha. YUM.

It’s so good on really hot days.

That’s all for now, I’m going to make one of these for me and booboos.