Day 267: Day of the Dead Wedding Scrapbook

by thecraftaholic


“Love, compassion, and forgiveness—these are the things I preach.” -The Dalai Lama

It seems like the way to nirvana is through a quite redundant thought: peace and love is the way. There is nothing more that I could really say to emphasize this, except that the way you respond to life….this will tell you what you receive in life.

Today, I made another scrapbook. This time, I used a hand carved stamp that my husband made for me.

What do you think? I used Sassafrass papers (my newest fave), some die cut embellishments that I got from a swap, and paper bag paper. Also, I should note that I heat embossed the stamped image, to make it stand out a bit. I really like this a lot. It’s fun, right? Maybe I’ll get my darling husband to make a Day of the Dead baby stamp for me! Wow, that would be awesome. I also want him to make me a day of the dead crafty lady. You know, a lady sitting at her sewing machine, or knitting or something. Would that not be awesome?

Of course, this will happen soon. If you speak spanish, I’ll tell you in spanish when it will happen: “El dia de San Blando que no tiene quando”. That’s one of my dad’s sayings. I wish I could translate for you, but it really is sort of hard to translate, and anyway, it won’t make sense. It’s basically saying it’ll never happen though.

Nah, but he’ll make them for me. Maybe this weekend. Oh wait, no I have a project to finish for a customer. Crap. Well, maybe tonite, if I’m lucky. Yeah, maybe he’ll get home early from work, and I’ll make a nice meal, to soften him up, what do you think? And furthermore, which one should he make?

Anyway, this little book is for sale, in my shop.

What else? It’s another hot day in the city. I want to stay indoors with my A/C. But alas, my little one should go out and play.

The Craftaholic