Day 266: Collaged Photos in a Red Frame

by thecraftaholic


“Inner darkness, which we call ignorance, is the root of suffering. The more inner light that comes, the more darkness will diminish.”

-The Dalai Lama

Inner darkness. That sounds like heavy stuff, huh? Well, it’s all about perspective. In the pentecostal church where I grew up in, they preached about “Satan” lurking around the corner, seeking to destroy your inner peace. Although my belief in this is nill, I do think that negativity in itself, is something that addictive, and eats at you. If you let it in, it will take over your life. If you stop it in it’s tracks, it will not consume you anymore. Stop it before it tries to ruin your mood and your life.

What is then, inner light? Inner light, to me, is the positive force. It can be whatever this means to you. If it means your spirituality, or your belief in god or nature, then so be it; but just let it in. Let the positive light in to your life. Allow the goodness in the universe to permeate you, like water on paper.

This is a hard concept to grasp at times for those of you who are not religious. The pest way to let inner light into your life, is to go out into nature. I happen to love the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Also, going to the shore is great.

A simple idea, is to stop the negative thinking in it’s tracks, by fighting it with love and peace. That is the only way, I think.

Today, I ressurected a frame that I had in my closet, from before I even got pregnant with my daughter. No, really. It was in my closet for years.

I painted it red, and cropped some family photos, and here’s what I ended up with:

I really love this a lot. We have a wall in our living room, where I plan on filling up with photos in pretty antique frames. I used paper from Sassafrass to make the background for the pics. Here’s a close up of the pics:

And, here it is on my wall:

I know the picture is weird, sorry. I’m short, so I couldn’t get a better shot.

Today it is super duper hot in brooklyn, new york. I’m thinking about taking my daughter out. But it’s so hot! I just want to stay indoors where it’s nice and cool with my fan! Arg. I like the summer, but this hot weather can be too much.

I made a facebook page for my craft group! I hope you’ll join me on both of them.

The Craftaholic