Day 263: Swap, Swap, Swap

by thecraftaholic


“Patience protects us from being discouraged.” -The Dalai Lama

Well, that makes sense. I mean…think about it. If I choose to loose my patience, what happens? I lose my peace. So then, what is the obvious choice? Calm the heck down. Just remain calm. Relax. I mean, honestly. What’s the worst that could happen? After a few years or so, you’ll look back at things a LOT differently than you do now. Believe me.

Life is best when one is not worried about the past or the future, but just focused on right now, with patience. That’s when peace comes.

Today, I went to a clothing swap. Oh My God. Can you believe that when I got there at around 12 something, there was a line around the block?! Yes. The one thing I love about living in New York, is the swaps. Truly, you do not have to shop for clothing when you live in New York City.

Holy moly.

It was a little hot, and a little discombobulated, if you ask me. But SO worth it.

Yes. Very, very crowded.

I got A LOT of cool stuff! While I was putting back my box of books, I saw it. It was like an angel set aside this ginormous stack of crafting books just for me.

I got like, 15 new craft books, that are BRAND NEW! I think they must have been given by a person who either works for a literary agent, or a publishing house. OMG OMG. I got knitting books, a crochet book, paper crafting books….woah nelly.

I collect postcards. This is a collection of vintage postcards! Cool, right? Oh, also, I inhereited someone’s scrap yarn stash. Skeins and skeins of yarn in big ziplog bags. So exciting.
You should try hosting a swap in your neighborhood! Think about it: everyone brings their crap, and you bring yours. You organize the stuff in categories, and voila! You’ve got yourself a swap. For more REAL info on how to host your own clothing swap, go to Planet Green.
What else? Oh, I am so excited to have a new idea for a small shrine box that I’m going to do! With a tutorial! And it’s a cheap craft, because I got most of the supplies at the dollar store.
The Craftaholic