Day 262: A Poem for Breakfast

by thecraftaholic


“To develop patience, you need someone who willfully hurts you. Such people give us real opportunities to practice tolerance.” -The Dalai Lama

Why? Because again, as I mentioned yesterday, we must train ourselves to respond in peace. Peace begets peace. Plain and simple.

Today, I wrote a poem. It’s been a while . I’m really happy with this one. I’m calling it, “My Heart lies in Coney Island”.

My Heart lies in Coney Island

Love in the

wilderness passing

ghosts dance in the tracks of the

subway trains

there is in fact, a path to

nowhere land

Somewhere in the

deepest part of

forever and ever and ever

therein, lies my heart


because it’s forever

Because I



help it

Little one in the stroller sleeping

beggars beg

Time waits for no one

and in a city that never sleeps or





same complaints



same complaints



and cockroaches that no one speaks of and everyone sees

and subway rats (it’s thrilling to spot them on the tracks)


strange nocturnal animals


and nothing

ever really changes


I’m still short


curly haired

only now,

they turn the colors of

grey and silver

I find my heart there

at the end of the tunnel

at the side by the sea

where the birds sing

and the

breeze blows

and the russian women where ball gowns

to go to the diner


immigrants sell junk food out of

little red shopping carts

you’ll find my home there,

at the side by the sea

at the night’s full moon

the ocean’s glory

my heart sings and I

like Coney Island

really, I do.

So this poem is just a jumble of things, really. I hadn’t written one in a while, so this is exciting. What else? I am at the plateau of my creative inspiration. I’ve got to get my creative mojo working! Send me some inspiration, please!

Yesterday, I went to the Natural History Museum with my little one. It was greyish kind of day, which is perfect for indoor activities. I paid extra, and took her to the butterfly conservatory there. I highly reccomend doing this, if you are in New York. It’s so fun, you walk in, and get to see the butterflies up close, and the fly on you and everything!

We had a lot of fun.

Now, to think of another project! I really need to start a new project. I’ve been thinking about doing some wire crocheted jewelry. Maybe that’s what I’ll do today. Hmm. But it’s a beautiful day in the city, and I want to venture out. I think I’m going to take my little one to Greenwood Cemetary today. For those of you who don’t live in New York City, Greenwood Cemetary is like no other. It’s beautiful, large, and much like a park. It’s not scary at all. There are benches, and a pond, and ducks that come to you if you feed them. It’s beautiful! And Jean Michel Basquiat is buried there, amongst other famous folks.

I go to his grave every so often, asking him for creative inspiration and talent. It works. But then, maybe it’s just the universe being nice to me, right? Who knows.

What I do know is that creative inspiration comes in waves, and when you’ve got it, ride the wave. When you’re feeling like you’re at your plateau, it sucks. I turn to my poems, and my knitting, which are two things I can do when I’m not that inspired to do anything else. My little photo album scrapbooks are another thing that I can do when I’m not inspired, but I feel like you all are going to get bored of seeing so many. Right? Maybe not.

So I hope you enjoy my poem. Perhaps I’ll write another one today. We’ll see.

The Craftaholic