Day 261: A Cupcake Scrapbook & A Pair of Beaded Earrings

by thecraftaholic


“It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” The Dalai Lama

Well, I guess that this is because people will always test your patience. Life will test your patience. The best advice my husband gave me is to just let it be. There are things in life that happen, shitty things. The key to peace in life, is how we respond to these situations. Peace gives peace. Hostility gives hostility. That’s the way with everything in life.

When you respond to the crap in life with peace and understanding, you will receive it back. I should know. I have bitched here before, about how my mother and I…well, let’s just say my life was not an episode of “Leave it to Beaver”. My husband has told me before that when she starts pushing my buttons, I should respond with peace. Because really. What is it going to accomplish to respond to her by telling her where to go? It’s going to get her pissed off at me, and give her more “ammo” and then it will just destroy my mood and my creativity. Feed your creativity by responding to crappy situations with peace. Then, you will be given more peace. Give what you want to get.

Today, I finished a little cupcake recipe book for a swap on craftster.

I also finished a pair of earrings.  Cute, beaded earrings. I have to send out my craft swap tomorow. So the rest of today will be spending searching for the things I bought for my partner online, that I stored so I wouldn’t forget, and now did indeed, forget.

Do you all ever end up going to the craft store, let’s say for plain scrapbooking glue, then end up finding all these wonderful shiny things on sale, only to go home and find out that you in fact, forgot the darned glue you went out in your car and drove to the store for? Arg. Why does this happen to us crafters? This is when it’s best to purchase things online. Right? Because at least when you buy it online, you don’t forget, right? Oh no wait. I do forget that too. I end up looking at the clearance section, and find out that I have to go to target, and just buy the damned glue.

So I go, and think, alright. I will ONLY buy the glue, and a small toy for dakota! only $20 today! Then I walk out with the glue, of course, and socks, and soap, and toothpaste, shoes, and earrings. Why? Why do I do this.

As far as my goals go, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been ONLY buying what I need. I’ve been creating with what I’ve got at home. AND I even got rid of a bunch of things that I didn’t need. I want my apartment to look nice and clean, like my friend Marisa’s. She has such a nice clutter free home. Maybe it’s because she has no kids. No wait, I’ve always been a clutter bug. But, I can change if I want to, right?

I’ve been eating healthier, and realized that my eating habits are really helping as far as the pain in my cyst is going. So I highly reccomend eating healthy for cysts. Today, we’re having a vegetarian meal. I’m not making it official, but I kind of felt today, like I want to go back to my vegetarian ways. But again, nothing official. Just trying it.

Nothing else to report except that my mother inadvertently found out about my tattoo. She’s an old school latina pentecostal woman. So then, we’ll see what happens. She hasn’t called me yet, to harp on me about it. But what do YOU think I should do? So far, ignoring it is working for me. I’m trying to respond to her in peace and love, but believe me, this is no small challenge, LOL.

The Craftaholic