Day 258: Princess Photo Album

by thecraftaholic


“From the least to the most important event, the affection and respect of others are vital to our happiness.” -The Dalai Lama

The affection and respect of others. What does that mean to you?

I guess for me, it means remembering that I am indeed, not the only person on the planet. Living in New York, sometimes you think that you are the only one here. Look out for other people, you know?

I’ll keep today’s post short, since I am not feeling well at all today. You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything yesterday. This is because I ended up spending the better part of the Saturday night (very early sunday morning) in severe abdominal pain.

I’ve got my herbs and my holistic remedies, so I’m good to go. I did manage to get a little crafty today, though.

Another paper bag book. I started out making this for me, actually.

But maybe I’ll keep it for my daughter.

I’m ill. Sorry folks. The doctor at the emergency room said it’s a cyst. So now, lucky me. I hate doctors. But I’ve got my herbal medicine. But I am so tired and in so much pain, that I find myself doing calming, relaxing things.

I guess the only nice thing about being sick, is that you get to catch up on your knitting and beading: two crafts that are truly relaxing for me. I don’t do much beadwork, but today was inspired to. I started a bead necklace. It was originally for my mother in law, but I think it’s got too much gold in it for her. I’ll ask my husband what he thinks about it.

When you have a cyst in your ovaries, you’re supposed to watch your diet, as an unhealthy diet does aggravate the cyst. So why did I have that second cup of coffee, hmm? I ask you.

But actually, I’ve been good. Eating fruit, taking vitamins, drinking my “green foods” drink every day, and staying away from oreos. I think I’ll follow a friend’s advice and not keep them in my home anymore.

The Craftaholic