Day 257: A Memory Book for my Daughter

by thecraftaholic

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” -The Buddha

This is probably the third time I use this quote. But what can I say, I love it.I love it because it is such a hard thing, conquering yourself. What does conquering yourself mean to you today?

Today, for me, it means eating healthier. I am a holistic practitioner, and am embarrassed to say I have slipped a lot with my eating habits, as far as eating whole grains and things are concerned. I still heal myself naturally, and all that. But sometimes being a mommy gets the best of you, you know? Time becomes of the essence.

So conquering myself to me, today, means reforming my bad habits and trading them for good positive actions. What negatives can YOU trade for positives today?

Today, I made a very special project. I made a little scrapbook to hold pictures of my little one.

I love love love this. So much. I used the “Nerdy Bird” stack by Sassafras, along with some others that I can’t remember. I used a vintage Bingo Card for the cover, and paper bags for the inside. I used ribbon to bind the pages together, using my own version of the coptic stitch.

I added lots of journaling pages, so we can write little stories to her, about all the funny, quirky things she does.  In total, this book has 12 pages. I loved making this so much.

I went to Coney Island today with my little one!

We had so much fun, she went on all the rides, and ate cotton candy for the first time. And, I was good. No junk food at all. I am quite proud of myself.

We got our pictures taken in the black and white photo booth. I love those, don’t you? I didn’t scan the pics, but I’ll post it tomorrow.

The Craftaholic