Day 255: Frida Kahlo Garland

by thecraftaholic


“It is important to use money properly to help others; otherwise you will still want more and feel poor.”-The Dalai Lama

If you happen to be blessed with not knowing what to do with your left over cash, I’ll tell you. First, send some to me (no, seriously). Then, do something for others. Don’t just hoard it all, as if you deserve it. Even if you did work hard to have the money you have, you have it because the universe allowed you to have it. And just like it is there, it can also be gone. Did you see the movie, “Fun with Dick and Jane”?

Anyone can lose their job and end up penniless. So be thoughtful when you are not so penniless. Everything should be this way. Don’t have money? Share your talents. Donate art. Donate cards to organizations that send them to soldiers, or the elderly. Donate your time teaching people with special needs how to do collage work, or crochet.

One of the most profound statements in the bible is “Give, and it shall be given unto you.” Again, I am not really religious by any means, but a girl doesn’t grow up pentecostal and not come out knowing a thing or two. You know?

Today, I worked on a few swaps. I had to run up to manhattan, for some supplies for a class I’m teaching on sunday. We’re making shrink plastic jewelry.

Anyway, here’s the garland thingamajig I made, for a swap.

Cute, right?

The letters are Sassafrass from K&Co. Here it is, hanging to dry on my bookshelf (being supported by a trusty crochet hook).

I made this to accompany a paper doll that I also made. I hope she likes the banner. I picked sort of neutral colors.
I have no funny stories, except that I am proud to say my little three year old is finally playing with the neighborhood kids. It is so nice! I sit there and knit while they play silly ball games, or tag, or whatever. They are all older than her, but she is really much better around older kids. And, my parents are moving back to New Jersey! I don’t know if I should be thrilled or afraid. Actually, I’m sort of excited.
Hmmm. I’ve been gaining a little weight. I am really not good with diets. At all. I mean, I practice holistic medicine. But my approach to food, is an old fashioned one. I believe in good old fashioned homemade food, made from scratch at home, rather than a boxed “vegan” meal that has three times the sodium, and harsh chemicals, to make it resemble real food. And if it is in fact healthy and good for you, then it is way over priced. I can’t see myself buying into the “hype” of all that crap, when there are people dying on the streets from hunger. Plus, those shits are expensive (excuse my language; i try not to curse, but you know, i actually have a potty mouth in real life).
So all this to say, that I think I have to make my old fashioned cooking a little more whole grain, and lower in fat. Yuck. I LOVE to cook with real butter.
Growing up, my mother was not much of a cook, and never used real butter. When I got married, I only knew the cooking that my grandmother and husband (yes, husband) taught me. So, I was really in the dark. I started getting into french cooking when my husband bought me a vintage “larousse gastronomique”. Once I tried the taste of REAL, actual, dairy butter, I was just in love. I mean, now when I baked cookies, they tasted like something! And when you use it on butter, it’s amazing! When you cook chicken and steak, it’s just delish! So that got me hooked.
So now, I must find a way to mute my love of butter, and trade it for something healthy like…parsnips. Great.
The Craftaholic