Day 252: Vintage Hand Made Get Well Card

by thecraftaholic

Quote: “What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful.” -The Dalai Lama I almost don’t want to say anything, so as to not diminish what his holiness said here. I was reading Andrea Shroeder’s Blog, and I was prompted to think about a few things.

She talked about moving forward, identifying the things that hold you back, to move forward and create positive changes in your life. Be happy and useful. How do we end up getting into this comfort of not moving?  It is easy, that’s why. It’s like when you’re a home body.

It’s so easy to just stay home. We are like that in life, weather we are homebodies or party animals. Take a chance! How can you take a chance towards your artistic dreams today? Do it! You only have a short life on this earth, and before you know it, you’ll be an old fogie, sitting in a rocking chair, wishing you would have been more implusive. Be impulsive!  Just remember to pay the rent.

How then, do you move beyond the “crap” that holds you back? Identify the culprit, that’s the first step.

I’ll be honest. What keeps me from moving forward sometimes is my own self. That’s the truth. That, and being scatter-brained. I mean, I love to look around for inspiration, but i feel like I end up getting distracted from what MY look is, what MY style is creatively. You know? As an artist, I of course, get times like today, when I am just not feeling anything. My husband says you can’t force it. My friend Lisa Bogs says you have to force it so that then it’ll come naturally. It is whatever it is to you, I think. But I agree with Lisa. Force it a little it, expect a few duds, and then you’ll see it come naturally.

I think the key in removing the obstacles, is letting yourself just be you. Don’t try, just follow your intuition, and do what comes naturally to you, and what you love the best. When you do this, not only will you remove obstacles, you will also find yourself with your own unique style. I think I have finally figured out what my style is. That is how I made today’s crafty thing. A card, I made. This is a get well card I made. The embellishments are completely vintage. The blue cardstock is from Stampin Up, and the white card is from K & Co. Do you like it?I really like it. I love vintage materials. I mean, real vintage materials. You know? Although reproductions, when done right, are quite nice too. The Craftaholic