Day 251: Handmade New York City Postcards

by thecraftaholic


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” -The Buddha

I’m reposting this, to encourage myself. Currently, I’m reading a book by SARK, “Making Your Creative Dreams Real”. I’m only at the begining. The sad thing is that I received this book as a gift from my husband years ago. I never picked it up to read it. I’m at the point in the book, in the begining, where she  says one must be WILLING to make things happen.

It reminds me of this quote, because you know, too often we become preoccupied with the how of our dreams, and focus too much on how much money it will take, how much our children get in the way, and how much of it will take up our time in the future, etc. Instead of over analyzing how much of this you will need, or how much of that you don’t have, or how much time you don’t have, focus on right now. Focus on today, right now.

In AA and NA, they preach this very thought. To only focus on today. “Just for today…”. But it’s true in life, no matter weather you are in recovery or not. Focus on today, on what you can do to make things better today, on what you can do to get loser to your goal TODAY. Don’t over analyze life. It’s too short to live your life miserable, blaming others for the lack of follow through that YOU should have had. Just focus on today. Work towards your goal TODAY. Do it.

So, I’ve got an excersize. First, here’s my quote that was on my status on facebook today:

You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.
Henry D. Thoreau

Now, what I want you to do today, is work at it. You know your dreams already. You’ve said it in your head. Now, just make a list of things you can do right now, today to make that happen. And do it. Now. Put the list in your sacred space. If you don’t have one, put it in between your pillow and pillow case. Let it soak in your head.

Today, I made some cute postcards, for a postcard swap.

I used a New York City subway map, glued onto Kraft colored cardstock, a stamp by 100 Proof Press, and Glittery Blue Embossing powder by American Crafts.

It’s so easy! A Note to you tourists: please just make your own NYC souvenirs. The ones that are sold in Times Square are actually really corny.

Brooklyn-we go hard.

So, what do you think? Oh! I also used a postcard stamp by River City rubber works. Hmm, I really love using this stamp. I want to find more ways to use it!

I also went out with my baby the other day. I thought I’d post this pic, because it’s funny how she loves starbucks coffee.

A frappuccino. Actually, I do try to keep healthy, but those suckers are like crack cocaine. Seriously.

The Craftaholic