Day 247: Make Faux Batiked Paper Tags

by thecraftaholic


“It is our enemies who provide us with the challenge we need to develop the qualities of tolerance, patience, and compassion.” -The Dalai Lama

Why is this so true. My goodness. Why. Who challenges you in your life? Everyone has a person that “tests” your patience. Right? That person that reminds you of nails on a chalk board? Arg. I’ll be honest. For me, It’s my dear old mother. I love her. I do. But somehow she knows how to bush my buttons, man.

Not my husband though. He gets a long so well with his mom. But everyone has issues, I’ve learned. We all have something within us that makes another person want to tap the table with their nails, while they role their eyes. We all do. I think the key in “loving” our enemies is realizing this. Maybe if we realize that we were all cooky eyed beginers thinking we could cover the world in glitter, than we will not find the newbie writers, artists or crafters quite so annoying. Right? Then we could look at them with the love that we have for ourselves and realize they just need to understand: there is a time for everything, and every glitter in it’s place. You know?

Challenges. We all have them in our life. Perhaps we need to respond more often with love, more often with peace, more often with temperance, and then we can find that our life is surrounded by the things we seek in life:  peace, love, and prosperity. Because how can you have love without peace, and how can you have prosperity, if you constantly loose your temper? True prosperity is NOT just money. It is growth. Earth. When you seek prosperity, think of the earth. Think of how things grow from the earth. Growth.

And Peace. What reminds you of peace? For me, it’s birds. Owls, specifically. I love that I wake up early enough to hear birds chirping. To me, the most peaceful thing in the world, is being a bird.

Love. Love is something indescribable. You know why I loved being pregnant and giving birth to my daughter? Because to me, it is the ultamite act of love. THAT is amazing, true, pure love. Being pregnant is amazing. It’s no wonder that some women choose to have 5, 6, or even 7 or 8 children. I imagine it just be that they love the feeling of growing a human being in your belly, feeling all their thoughts, all their emotions, their food cravings, and their kicks. There is no love like that of a mother to her child.

Today, I made something so cool, I am so excited! I was browsing flickr for some inspiration, and found some cool inspiration! I can’t upload the pic, but here’s a link to her flickr profile.

Woah man. I went on Facebook, and asked my trusty crafty friends if they knew how she did that, since I had never seen anything like that before. My good friend Creative Crafter gave me some basic instructions, and I also found a tutorial here.

So, here’s what I came up with:

I won’t sell them because they are too cool, and I want to hoard them. But, you can make your own! It’s so EASY!

I used india ink on a piece of felt, because frankly, that’s what I had. Still working on some top secret special projects! More info coming soon!

The Craftaholic