Day 246: An Owlish Card and The Creative Process

by thecraftaholic

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill” -The Buddha

We must be careful of the things we say. Sometimes we mean things to be sarcastic, but in fact it turns out that it is just a tasteless joke.  Other times we think we are such hot stuff and then we boast about ourselves, not thinking about how another person must feel. It’s important that when we speak, we think about how our speech affects other people. Both as supervisors, managers, and mothers and daughters. Think about what you say, and how you say it. Sometimes we are too lose with our mouth.

Today, I made a card that I do not like, but am posting anyway, since I am inundated with other projects (that must remain a secret for now). So, here it is.

If you haven’t already noticed, I am absolutely nuts for owls. Nuts for them. The little chipboard heart is from my collection of goodies that I have for sale. It’s a hand painted chipboard heart, with pretty foil glitter. It’s for sale, in my Artfire shop. I’m trying the artfire thing, since I feel like Etsy is just inundated with look a likes, and people who under-price their product. You know?

Someone asked me once about my creative process. Well, I’ll tell you. For me, I make it a rule to be creative each day. Do something creative each day, and keep track of it, weather it’s through a blog, or a journal, or or even a scrapbook with photos of your work. But do something creative each day.

Now, what I do is each morning, I wake up and think of what I have to make. I do a lot of swaps, so sometimes I’ll have a swap to create something for. Then I will think: okay, I have to make a stack of 5 cards for a swap. Then from that I will wonder what I can use to design something pretty. I will think of a main idea to use to design around. Maybe a new set of stamps, or a pretty embellishment that I made or bought. From there, I design AROUND it. It’s that simple. After that, everything else is just trial and error, and matching things up with color.

Try it!

Oh! For this card, I used a stamp set by Sassafrass Lass, cardstock by K& Co, Copic Markers, Generic brand foil glitter, paper by Stemma, and ink by Stampin Up.

The Craftaholic