A Few Resolutions

by thecraftaholic

So I am posting this blog, because I had a few brainstorms. Actually, I have had many of them.

I feel like this year, a lot of things are coming to me, a lot of things that I have been working hard towards, lately. I still have some things in my life that I want to improve, so I blog about it, at least it’s out in the open. Right? Then, I will feel like I HAVE to work at them. So here’s my list of things that I want to work on.

1. Spend less money. This is a big one. I want to spend less money and save more, so that my husband will be happy, and my bank will be happy, but mostly because living in New York almost makes you want to become a shopaholic. Truly. I don’t like that. I like to buy art supplies, and it’s fun to have new things I guess, but the truth is, it gets to be much. So I decided, I’m going to buy what I RUN OUT OF. When I run out of glue, I will replace it. When I run out of ink, I will buy it.

I also want to make a menu. My mom does this. She plans out her meals for the week or two weeks, and buys the ingredients ONLY. It’s a thrifty thing to do when you want to save money. Food is a big deal, since we are a family, and the price of food continues to rise. When  Jose and I got married (about 6 years ago), we would spend about $40 or $50 every two weeks. Now, we spend uhm…more than that.

2. Keep it Going. I have ALWAYS wanted to publish my own zine, and I am in the begining stages of doing just that! I sat down with my good friend Karina, and we brainstormed on some projects and things to go in the zine. I’m really excited about it. It should be a lot of fun. The zine is of course, all the things that make up me-poetry, art, music and general crafts. Lots of tutes, because that’s what I love. Interviews with inspiring and up and coming artists and artisan crafters, and art that doesn’t intimidate. So my resolution is to NOT GIVE UP. Because I do that sometimes. But this project means a lot to me. So I want this to bloom and grow.

3. Be More Supportive. And Listen. To be honest with you, I really don’t feel so comfortable going in to details, but suffice to say, that I am and do have, the only child complex; meaning, that I actually think of myself quite a bit. So I want to be more supportive.

4. Be More Eco-Friendly. Actually, I’ve found that frugality and eco friendliness goes hand in hand usually. But I want make more of a concious effort to be eco-friendly in the way that I eat, and the things I do. I’m pretty good now, considering I never buy disposable napkins or paper towels, but I want to get back into making our own soap and floor cleaners. I do other things too, like recycle just about every container I can, and reuse things and such. And I buy clothing from thrift stores because I hate the idea of sweat shop labor, and the fact that they normally cut down acres of rainforest land just to make some generic looking shirt. Actually, that’s why I want to practice sewing more, so I can make my own clothing. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Yes, there are only four. But the money thing is a really big thing for me. I really want to learn to spend less money. I’d love to be able to live without spending. Actually, I heard that there is a family that pledged to do that, but I couldn’t find their blog.

So that’s what’s what. This actually goes along with a post by Andrea Shroeder. So this is my response to her blog post.

What do you think? Do you have any resolutions or wishes or “brainstorms” as Andrea calls them? Anything that will help you get to your goals in life, and accomplish your dreams?

The Craftaholic