Day 237: A Day At the Beach

by thecraftaholic


“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”   -The Buddha

People cling to labels too much. In our search for our identity, we attempt to “find” ourselves in the comfort of labels. Everything around you is just labels. Your religion and race being the top two things that people find a comfort in labeling.

I remember once being at my friend Bliss’s house (and mind you, Bliss is a white girl from texas, originally) and telling her how I sometimes the race thing is uncomfortable in the elitist parts of New York City, and she told me, “oh what the hell is race anyway, it’s just another label. It doesn’t make up who you are.” And it’s true. It’s true for so many things. The NAME of something does not make you who you are. The Buddha taught that to reach nirvana was the removal of all those labels, and seeking the spirit within you.

Let’s try not to label ourselves so much, shall we? Try. Just be a person. Maybe in this way, we can coexsist. We can live in peace if we live beyond the SLAVERY of labels.

Today, I went to the beach.

My little one and I were perfectly content until I heard some bastard next to me, after I said something to my daughter in spanish, tell his older son and daughter in law, that “latinos” were cheap labor. He proceeded to say, “it doesn’t matter if they are mexican, domican or puerto rican, they are cheap labor, that’s why people employ them.”

Well, I was infuriated! I wanted to tell that guy where to stick his pizza roll! But alas, my prayer beads and my daughter both together, made for a more peaceful mommy. That, and really what was I proving by telling that guy off, right? Nothing. In fact, I end up lowering myself to his stupid, abnormal, and ignorant level.

I have to confess: I am at a knitter’s block. I am blocked! I can’t knit or crochet! I just end up frustrated and annoyed. I tried! I spent hours at the beach thinking that mother earth and the ocean water would help unblock my block. But sadly, here’s where my yarn ended up spending the day:

Sad. And I forgot my knitting needles. So I couldn’t even do that.  Sorry about the ladies product on the side there. If you’re a guy reading this, well just man up, I guess. It happens.

So anyway, I am at a knit and crochet block. Totally. I am totally blocked. I did make a little cuff, that I want to do some embroidery on.

It’s a bad picture. So I won’t show it.

Instead, I just had some fun with my little one. Oh, and if you’ve never seen the Coney Island Dancers, you should. It’s funny, actually. Some of you may know that my daughter LOVES to dance. She loves it. So she likes to watch people dance any chance she gets. I took a little video so you can see what I mean when I say that it’s rather funny to watch.

Link here.

So that’s all. I think I am a bit blocked with my knit and crochet. Can someone send me some inspiration, PLEASE? I looked on ravelry. Only more frustration. I’ll just ride it out, maybe work on an old pattern, that always helps. I actually was thinking of listing a pattern for these lovely little shawls that I crochet. So maybe I’ll do that.

I actually have been feeling like I want to make some cards. But who for, right? Well, here’s who for. It’s an organization that takes donations of birthday cards and sends them to elderly people. Nice, right? So maybe I’ll do that, too.

The Craftaholic