Day 236: Batiked Fabric Banner

by thecraftaholic


If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind” ~Buddha

Think about it. If you were to apply this to your life, at least as a wife, husband, partner or friend, imagine how much more peaceful your life would be. Right? I mean, who cares who is right and who is wrong, right?

I mean, today for example, I got into a “tiff” with my mother. I decided that rather than tell her to go fuck herself and leave me the hell alone with her drama and crap, that I would just keep quiet and tell her that I had to finish bathing my little one. Because I did. In my life, the one person that makes me want to curse and say un lady like things (beside my husband whom I love dearly), is my mother.

We all have the one person that makes you want to spit nails, don’t we? Arg. But we should stop ourselves. Not just because we want to set an example to our children, or whatever. But because….it’s just…tacky. You know? Then we remind ourselves of the teenage girls at the laundromat, cursing because their parents aren’t around. Silliness. Anger is just silly. Why bother. It doesn’t do anything positive, and it sure doesn’t open positive doors in your life, at all.

In this 236 day journey, i have learned this: the true path to prosperity begins with yourself. Until you create peace within you, you cannot have prosperity in your life.

Today, I used my sewing machine. In honor of my husband’s forthcoming birthday, I wanted to do something like make a fun banner for him. But you know. He’s not a banner kind of guy. He’s an old spice kind of guy. You know? So I thought  I would make a fun fabric banner, that I could then use to decorate our bedroom with or something.

You like it? I made it from this pretty batiked fabric that I had in my stash. I like it. It reminds me of something I’d see in an indian themed bedroom spread or something. Right? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll add sequins or something to it later. But for now, I like it plain. It’s more elegant that way, don’t you think?

What else? Not much. Cleaning up. I did order some thingamajigs so make my own buttons, so that will be fun! I figured I could make some neat embroidered buttons.

Oh! But a friend and fellow crafter is having a fun giveaway to celebrate her 100 blog posts. So hop over there, and enter to win. She’s giving away all this:

I actually would love to win, because I rarely win contests. And I like that red and blue container thingie.

The Craftaholic