Day 233: A Calavera Charm Bracelet

by thecraftaholic


“There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.” -The Buddha

Let me explain something that took me years to realize: doubt brings poverty. In every sense of the word, doubt is just evil. I don’t really even believe in “good and evil” so for me to say that, takes a lot. Doubt. For years I doubted my talent. As both a writer and an artist. As soon as I started to believe in myself and my talent, doors began to open for me. Things started happening. I may not be at my goal right now, but I’m on my way there. I don’t sit online and compare myself to artists younger than me, who perhaps went to college, or just started earlier than me. That’s for people who want to lose. I want to win. I want to “go for the gold” as corny as it sounds. I do. I want to succeed, in MY defenition of what success is. You know? And doing that, means believing in my talent, and believing in myself.

Let’s make a promise to each other. Repeat after me:

“I promise never to doubt myself as an artist, mother, wife, spouse, and friend”. Say it! Mean it! Believe in yourself, and your talent! Don’t doubt. Life gets you no where with doubt and worry. Those are things that will only bring you more things to doubt and worry about. So feel what you want more of. Be what you want more of.

Today, I made a charm bracelet. I am hosting a charm bracelet swap on Swap-Bot, and much to my chagrin, my partner likes gothic things. I sent her a friendly message letting her know that in fact, I have nothing gothic! It’s not really my thing, you know? But, yippee for me, she does like calaveras, and that I have plenty of! So, here’s what I made her:

These cute calaveras are stone, I think. I got them at the Whole Bead Show here in New York. Here’s another glance:

What do you think? You think she’ll like it?

On another note, I started a new project. An embroidered fabric book. I have wanted to make a fabric “art” collage book in a long time. I finally decided I’m going to do it with embroidery.

Here’s a preview:

That’s the front. There are about 5 pages. This is just unstretched canvas fabric, from Dick Blick, which I cut and sewed down the side. Then the back ground is painted with fabric paint sticks, and then sprayed with acrylic.

That’s all for now. Beans and rice for dinner today, but I really am craving a good pizza from Sunset Park. Yum.

The Craftaholic