Day 231: A Coney Island Photo Booth Album

by thecraftaholic


“A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.” -The Buddha

Actions speak louder than words. Being raised a strict pentecostal, I am all too familiar with the people who talk a good talk, but lack the good walk. It is easy to say things. It is harder to act on the things we say.

For example, we come up with these ideas. Or, we want to affirm ourselves. So we buy affirmation cards, or we make little cards and banners and artwork that reflects these affirmations that we wish to apply to our life. It’s easy to say, “I am prosperous and happy”, it is another thing all together to actually live it. The cards and words are not enough. One must actively live a life that is open to prosperity and happiness, by forgiving, by loving ourselves, by being open minded and true to ourselves. Don’t just talk a good talk. Walk a good walk.

Today, I made a little album. I used a mini layer book by Maya Road. This is a photo album, actually.

This is a little album for the pictures we take in photo booths. Every year my husband and I go to the Coney Island photo booth, and get our pictures taken. And this is a little album, for all those pics. Cool, right?

I really like how this album came out. I’m still plugging away at my needlepoint project! Also, I have another work in progress which I think you’ll love.

Oh! And I updated my about me page. I am seeking support for my upcoming projects, my blog and a new indie zine that I’ll be publishing. So I hope you’ll take a look, and support me, The Craftaholic, in all my creative endeavors.

Also, I just opened up a new artfire shop! Check it out!

The Craftaholic