Day 230: Embroidered Buttons by Creative Kismet

by thecraftaholic


“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.” The Buddha

Now, perhaps the Buddha was talking about spirituality, but personally, I feel like this is true on all levels of life. You know? Too often we lean on others for things, for help, and in life in general. At work, our frustrated bosses are always telling us, “figure it out for yourself!” And it’s true in our life. Don’t form opinions on life, or base your life creed on what other people in your life or congregation or family think or say or do. Listen to your heart. Listen to yourself, and your heart will guide you as to where to go. You know?

Today, I was excited to come across the blog, Creative Kismet. Check out these beautiful hand embroidered buttons!

Cute, right? You can go to her blog, and check out the wonderful little step by step photos, and a link to the original blog, where she got the oh so cool idea of making embroidered buttons. Seriously, I am going to make these. Aren’t you? Aren’t these fabulous?

What else? Oh, I was in the mood for Five Guys Burgers and Fries, so we are making our own tonite. Yum…

Also, I got together with my craft group today! We went to Central Park. It was such lovely weather! You should have really been there. Too bad I forgot my camera.

The Craftaholic