Day 229: A Bird in a Cage

by thecraftaholic


“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” -The Buddha

My husband is always telling me that I’ve got my head in the clouds. I have an aquarius rising, so he’s probably right. It’ nice to dream and to be positive, and happy go lucky at times. It’s nice to not worry. But we must keep our head above water, earth grounded, and centered, so we can listen to our hearts. Listening comes from being quiet and still, not from chattering on and on and on. So be quiet and listen to your heart, and do as it instructs.

Today, I finished a project I have been working on for a while. It’s another chunky book, but this one is a book that encases a poem I wrote years ago, entitled “Little Bird”.

So this book is entitled after the poem, “Beautiful bird”.

Here is the bird that sits inside. It’s embroidered felt, using DMC Threads. The Branch is from a sizzix die that is painted with copic markers. And the paper is from a friend, from a store here in NYC, although the friend who gave me the paper went nuts (litterally) so I have no idea how to find this beautiful paper again. Oh and I forgot to mention that the felt flowers are from K & Co. and the Chipboard album is from Maya Road.

Like it? Oh yeah, here’s the poem:
Beautiful Bird
Little Bird, lift up your eyes
and your heart to me
sadness lingers only a minute
Little bird, take your wings
and fly
Happiness is the song you sing
your song
lifts my spirits
my pain, it soothes
sing a song for me
Beautiful little bird
Beautiful bird
stick your head in the water
dorwn yoruself in pain
the sun still shines and
the flowers still bloom
Beautiful Bird
now missing from your tree
fly to me
sing to me
a song of
Beautiful Bird
my heart bled once, in pain
Beautiful Birds sang to me a song that healed my soul
Well, what do you think? I’m still working on the stitch a long, and also a little photo album. Every year my husband and I go to Coney Island and get our pictures taken in those little old fashioned booths. So I’m making an album for them.
The Craftaholic