Day 228: A Collaborative Stitch Effort

by thecraftaholic


“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Share your joy with others. Share.

These are hard times. Property value is low, unemployment is up, and when the unemployment rate rises, so does crime. Hard times in the country, as A. Bogs says. It really is. In these times we become more self focused, more “me” oriented. It’s understandable, really. But actually, happiness and good fortune are best when they are shared. Share things. Share your happiness, your peace. I’m not telling you to preach at your atheist neighbor. I just mean that when you see him or her in situation you know you can help with, do so. Help. Give. Share.

I am quite inspired today. While browsing Craftster forums, I came upon the wonderful site of Amy Powers, called Inspire Co.

It’s a needlepoint and embroidery focused craft blog. She has wonderful site full of inspiration and does AMAZING needlepoint and fiber work.

So I was excited to see that she has stitch a longs! How fun, right? Anyway, I started working on the stitch a long, planning what sort of design I would be working on. I have this little canvas bag that I’ll be stitching on, since my work always has to have some sort of purpose. You know? Anyway, this stitch a long is about counting your blessings. So I’m making an embroidered canvas bag with little pictures of all the blessings in my life on one side, then the other will have an embroidered poem, based on it all. Cool, eh? Embroidered poetry, who’d have thunk it.

Anyway, go on over to her site, to check out all the details about the inspiring stitch a long! I’m off to dig through my DMC embroidery threads…..

The Craftaholic