Day 226: A Paper Heart & Vintage Papers

by thecraftaholic


“To understand everything is to forgive everything” -The Buddha

Understanding is forgiving. That’s interesting. So it means that despite your flaws and warts, and despite having hurt my feelings, I should move on; forgive, and then understanding comes. Right?

Why then, is this so difficult? What is it about us, that makes it so hard to forgive and forget? Ugh. I think….I think it what the buddha taught. It is our ego. Think about it. You stay angry and bitter at a person for years and years, and why? Because THEY hurt YOU. Who cares tho? I mean, my past hurts have nothing to do with who I am, unless I give it the power to. I’m not going to give my personal power away, by holding a stupid and meaning less grudge. I know a woman who has, though.

She has been bitter and angry at the same people who hurt me as well. It’s sad. A long time ago, I chose to forgive. I chose to at least, if I couldn’t forgive, to at least want to forgive, to want to move on, to try to learn how. The other person is now 50 years old, and still carries bitterness from something that occured about 40 years ago. Sad, right? What is sad is that she isolates me from her life, isolates those that love her, and encases herself in bitterness and anger and hate. That will not bring nice happy things to your life. So move on, dammit. Really. No one is worth the wrinkles. My cousin Deborah once told me, when I cried over a boy, “No man is worth your tears”. It’s true about everyone though. No one is worth your tears or your anger. If you don’t know how to move on, or how to forgive, then pray, or meditate or ask the god that you believe in to illuminate you and show you how to move on. It’ll happen. I believe in the power of your own self, and in the power of prayer. Although I don’t subscribe to any one religion, I do believe in a higher power, and in prayer. It works.

Today, I made a fun little quick crafty thing, because we are in the midst of spring cleaning. Oh my, I want to make a little paper cave and just hide.

Anyway, I whipped out my Sizzix Big Shot, and made this with it, my copic markers, Aleen’s Glue, and of course, glitter.

Cute, right? I like it enough that I want to make dozens of them. Seriously.

What else? Oh! I put together this fun little collage kit for your creative inspiration.

Cute, right? There are lots of fun little vintage items inside, like:

Vintage Soda Can labels. Fun, right?  Also included is:

A cute cameo from Webster. Like it? You can have the whole kit, in my shop.

The Craftaholic