Day 224: Art Swap & A Vintage Work in Progress

by thecraftaholic

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Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; 0.are the one who gets burned.”  -The Buddha

I hate the feeling of being angry. Don’t you? I’m the type of person that if you offend me, I will just forget about it after a little while. Some people aren’t like that. They want to punish you by being angry.

For the longest time I was angry at someone. For years, in fact. It got to the point where my anger only did damage to myself. The person I was angry at, went through life, had a great marriage, and prospered in her life. So what did I do by being angry at her? I only brought negative things to my life. Negative choices, and a domino effect of things that occured because of my stupidity in thinking that I actually was punishing her. I wasn’t. I only punished myself. Anger pays nothing but anger.

Today, I had an art supply swap. Unfortunately some of my craft group members are notorius flakers. In fact the people who came, drove all the way from NJ! Cool, eh?

Anyway, here’s a shot of the goods we had to swap:

Lots of stuff.

Here’s what I ended up with. Vintage fabrics, crayons, paper bags, and acrylic paint. AWESOME. Here’s a sneak peak on a work in progress. I didn’t have time to finish it all.This is for a swap on swap-bot. It’s a vintage themed book of shadows. A Book of Shadows is like a journal, with stories, superstitions and rituals that a person wants to preserve for others in their family. It’s cool, and anyway I like making books. I am using a frame as the cover, with some vintage fabric from my stash.  You’ll see the finished work tomorow. I promise.

The Craftaholic