Day 219: Making a Guide to Your Creative Dreams, Part 1

by thecraftaholic


“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

-The Buddha

When my husband I had first met, I had so many ideas. Ideas, ideas. To this day, I could come up with a different idea for every medium that I enjoy. Seriously tho, the point of this quote above, is the idea that ideas are not enough. Who really cares what ideas you have? You know? It doesn’t really matter what your idea is. What matters is what you do with the idea.

Actions speak louder than words, right? It’s true. I had a million ideas, but until I put them into action, the ideas did nothing for me.

Speaking of which, today’s crafty endeavor is part of a book I am currently reading. Some years ago, my husband bought me a book by SARK, called “Make your creative dreams real”. It litterally sat on my self all this time. Then, a couple days ago, I picked it up and started reading through it.

The first section or chapter, calls for you to make a Book of your Creative Dreams. So today, is part 1 of this project.

I decided to make my book like a little chunky scrapbook, because I like putting those little books together, but don’t always like to put pictures in them, mostly because for me, the photograph is art enough. But I like putting together little cute papers with glitter and ribbon and collage work.

For part one, just cut up your chipboard, and cover it with your favorite paper stack, and tabs. I have this cool tab paper punch.

So just cover the chipboard pages with your favorite papers and tabs, and then add three holes in the side, and bind the pages with ribbon.

Then, I distressed the edges. I did this by rubbing the blade of my scissor on the edges of the paper. It’s so easy and it takes seconds.

What else? You know how I love to make envelopes. So that’s what I added on every other page of the book. The rest will have to wait for tomorrow.

You like it?

Don’t worry, I’m still on an embroidery kick. I really like embroidery a lot. I have an idea for a project that I want to incorporate with my hand made books.

So, the point of this book is to get you to think about what it is that you do, to inhibit yourself from creating your dreams and making them happen. That’s the point. Think about the things that you need to create your dreams and reach your goals.