Day 218: Embroidered Skull Pin Cushion

by thecraftaholic


“True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one’s own self being fully realized.”

-The Dalai Lama

So what does this mean? It’s what I’m always telling you-you must listen to yourself. Listen to who you are on the inside.

Being enlightened is when you have state of Nirvana. What is Nirvana? It means the state of absolute peace and happiness. How can you reach this state, but by searching within yourself, and discovering who you are? This doesn’t mean finding out that you actually like to knit or draw or whatever. Your true self goes beyond likes and dislikes. Your true self, speaking as an artist (to me) is the feeling you get when you are creating in a frenzy, and are super inspired, creating, and almost feel one with what you’re doing. That’s what it is. That amazing feeling that nothing else matters. That amazing feeling of happiness and peace. How do you reach for it, but by removing the negative things in your life?

Sometimes removing the things that are negative can be a hard first step. I have to confess I actually deleted someone from my facebook friends. Now, before you start wondering why, I have to tell you. This person, I knew for almost three years, and I know more about Emma from DMC than I do her, and I haven’t known Emma for more than a few months, at best, via email.

I don’t like feeling like I have to work to be someone’s friend. I want to just sit down with you, and act crazy, and hope that you will understand and listen. I’m not looking for marriage. But it seems like some people just look for different levels of friendship. And this person, truly was looking for  a shallow friend who had nothing to say but nice chirpy things all the time, and attempted to be June Cleaver. That, and she never really pursued me. I always was the one to call, to see how she was…months would pass and I’d see her little status updates and pictures with her other friends.

While I love being a mom and staying home, I do not subscribe to being  June Cleaver. I want to be a mixture of Frida Khalo, Sylvia Plath, Julia Child, and Janis Joplin. So I realized that this person truly did not want to be bothered with me. So what should I do, keep her on my FB friends so her little status updates can bother and annoy me? I just deleted her. I mean, if you don’t want to be my friend you don’t have to.

You know? If you read my blog enough, you know that friendship is something that bothers me. So that’s why I have had to remove the things that bring me negative feelings. Not that I’m going to remove subway trains, shitty customer service people, and telemarkerters out of my life. Those are things we must deal with in life with compassion.

I mean that I don’t need to expect the world to bring me happiness. I did that for too long-thought that the world had to shift in it’s conditions in order to make me feel at peace and happy. But no. I can make my own happiness and my own success. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Today’s crafty thing is a cute pin cushion! A very cute skull pin cushion.

Cute, right? This is from a rubber stamp by Stampin Up, called “Just Jawing”.  It’s easy. I used a pigment ink pad, to stamp onto the felt fabric itself, thus creating a stitch pattern. I love this method alot, because you can get really complex if you want to.

Anyway, I realize that Suzy-Skeleton does not have a nose. I just plain forgot, that’s all. But this little thing is easy peasy! As always, I used DMC Threads for embroidery.

What else? I don’t mean to brag, but does my daughter not look super cute?

We went out today, because it was a beautiful day in Brooklyn, NY today.

I forgot I also made this little garland, with a die cut that I got recently for my big shot. I don’t know what I’ll use this for. The Thread is this fun sparkling thread by DMC Threads. It’s sparkling embroidery thread! Cool, right?

What else? Not much more to say. I hope you like my little pin cushion! Tomorow, I’m digging up an old stamp my husband made.