Day 214:Birds & Butterfly Necklace, & The Art Opera

by thecraftaholic


“A good mind, a good heart, warm feelings, these are the most important things.”

But then, why are these the very things we forget? Hmmm? We focus our lives so much on the things that don’t really matter. Focus yourself on things that are needed. Now, I don’t mean physical things. I mean your inner self. What do you REALLY need? What do you REALLY want? Do you even know?

It always comes down to listening to your self. Develop a kindness. Go out of your way sometimes. It’s not all about you, you know? Realizing this, helps us develop a good heart. Listening to our inner self helps us develop a good mind, and warm feelings.

Last night, I made a pair of earings to match my dress that I wore to the Art Opera.

Like them? They are easy to make. I bought the little plain wood charms, and painted them with Shimmerz paint, then some acrylic spray coating.

Here’s something I made today:

This necklace is for sale, in my shop. You like it?

Oh! Here’s some pics of the Art Opera. I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but I did show off my little birdie bird. Actually, I feel inspired to make a new piece that coordinates with this one.

That’s the bird, on the table.

That’s me, Lisa and Emma (from DMC Threads).

That’s Lisa, sporting the Sash and Crown that was showcased last night. Sorry the picture is kind of shitty.

These are SOME of the freebies I got in my goodie bag. I can’t wait to play with them!

The Craftaholic