Day 211: How to Write A Poem Part Deux

by thecraftaholic


“The concept of violence is out of date. The destruction of your neighborhood is actually the destruction of yourself.”

Why do you think this is? It goes back to one thought: everything is a cycle. What you do to yourself, you do to the world around you. That’s all it is. Everything repeats, everything changes, and everything comes back to you in one form or another. Don’t you agree?

Today’s creative endeavor, is a follow up on how to write poetry. This is in case you loved the first part, but could not at all get any inspiration.

Poetry feeds off of inspiration. It’s not at all like painting, where you can just pick up a pencil and draw any old image to become a cool painting (but even that needs inspiration). Poetry must be inspired, and never forced. You can though, give your muse a nudge.

I don’t believe in writing prompts. At all. What I love about poetry, is the ability to observe. Observe your life, your feelings, your inner self. Observe life outside, people, things, places, nature, events; but really observe them.

So, here’s a fun writing exercise for you. I have some pictures here. I want you to observe them, and write about them. Write about what you see. Write about what  you see, what you think you see. Make up a story in poetry form. Imagine what could be happening, or what will happen. But just write some poems about them.

So, what do you see?

Oh! And I know I promised the recipe for the cake I made. But it’s late, and I’m lazy. So, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. Also, I discovered a new fun crafty place here in NYC.

More tomorrow.

The Craftaholic