Day 210: The Brooklyn Indie Market

by thecraftaholic


“Anger and agitation make us more susceptible to illness.”

I have nothing to say about this exept that it is true, and I am quite tired. It really was probably a bad idea to book the Indie market the day before Easter. You’ll notice that I didn’t post anything yesterday. I think it was too much for me, to come home after a long and unproductive day at the indie market, to then ignore my little one for my blog. Sorry folks.

The thing is with anger, is that it’s so hard to express. I feel like we keep in in, and just…well, we just blow.

Another thing is, you know…sometimes we just don’t have all the answers. Sometimes we just need to wait. There’s a song by a musician called Paul Burch, and he has a song called “Born to Wait”. One of the lines says, “I wasn’t born to loose, just born to wait”. I guess that’s life sometimes, right?

As artists you know, we all want to make money off of what we do. We’ll go on etsy, or flickr and try to get some inspiration, only to find someone doing the exact same thing as you for half the price. That is truly aggravating, trust me. My friend Karina, she tells me, “Diana things take time. Don’t get so bent out of shape.” Easy for her to say, right? But eh, I think she’s right. For some people, things come easy. Things come to them. Others…people like me…we have to go out there and get it. I wasn’t born with parents who have anything to give me, or with any sort of privilege. The only priviledge I was born with, was my ability to write poetry, and express myself creatively.

Don’t get so angry and frustrated, waiting for your moment in the sun. Go out there and make sunshine.

Here’s some table shots from the indie market:

That’s all.

I did do a crafty thing today, tho. I made a dark chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganache icing and hazelnuts. Oh yum. It’s even better with a cup of Almond milk. YES.

Perhaps, if you behave yourself, and leave some comment love, I will be so nice as to take photos of what’s left of the cake, and post a nice recipe. IF.

The Craftaholic