Day 209: A Poem About America, and a few random goodies

by thecraftaholic


“The true test of honoring Buddha or God is the love one extends to fellow humans.”

Another poem today. Blame it on the fullness of the moon.

My Fellow Humans

My fellow humans, what is love, really?

what does it mean to be “in love” or to love one another

my fellow humans, I don’t want to love you, I just want to spread my shit everywhere

my fellow humans, I’m getting older by the minute

The Buddha passed by me the other day, he

rubbed my belly for good luck


My fellow humans, I wonder what it means to really love

My fellow humans, I think that love happens even when you don’t really feel like it

I wonder

I wonder often, in between cigarettes and chocolates, why it is that animals love better than we


my daughter loves better than me


think it’s the humanness


think I just

let the complications of life and subway trains and dirty streets and opposite side of the street parking

get to me

it gets to me, the crowded streets, the slow walking tourists, the dirty hot dogs and fake mickey mouses….

I get teary eyed when I see crowded department stores and unemployment offices


lines wrapped around the corner to the

welfare office

My fellow humans I’m borrowing inspiration from mister Ginsberg today, I

don’t think he’ll mind, do you?

My fellow humans, my fellow


if only we could focus on our humanness in each other

instead of how much more you have than me, or

where you live, or what you do

that is better

somehow than my gravesend apartment, with mandarin neighbors and the occasional nutjob and the

man who lives next door that argues with himself and

russian club music blaring on sunday afternoons, it

must be time for passover,  judging by the lack of parking spots


don’t know, maybe I’m just an alien

since I don’t so much care for the competitive nature that

humans have

I don’t want to stick out, I want to blend in

I don’t want to care, I want to walk away and just

focus on me, and just focus on me,


not really

not me

not life, but a daydream

I cling to the daydreams, I do


keep me alive somehow


makes me



and the thing is

we seek it

we look for it

my fellow humans we

live lifetimes seeking something

that we create within us.

am I alone, or am I the only one that doesn’t expect anything from you?

I don’t really

want you to

live up to expectations, as if you are applying for a job, or something silly

just listen to me

just be my friend

just be there for me

My fellow humans, I think we don’t always love we

go thru obsessions like

little points of madness that eventually die out when we find our sanity

somewhere in the gutter, forlorned and neglected

My fellow humans, why don’t we just



at others and just

fix ourselves

and just go beyond

and just


to love

love is



you know?

Here’s the fun crafty things I did today:

That second one is a tote bag made from an old curtain that I saved. It’s vintage, of course. Fun, right?

I’m prepping for the Brooklyn Indie Market tomorow, and I hope to see you New Yorkers there. Bring me iced coffee and donuts, please. And some chips because you know, I can’t have something sweet without something salty.

The Craftaholic