Day 205: A Poem & Moments in the Museum of Dinosaur Bones

by thecraftaholic


“If we adopt a self-centered approach to life, in the long run we will not succeed in achieving even our personal happiness.”

So, I wrote a poem about my personal experience with this quote. It’s called “You”. Hope you like it.


self            ish



just thinking

about you


and only your

little world, your

little needs


discard me




part of

you lives within a

part of me

and yet

you discard me over selfish dillusions of what should have been

over selfish things that were

and were

over 30 years


yet you

grow in your

selfish need to look in the mirror

and grow


from your heart and

hands and

feet and mouth and eyes and hair and

in your apartment

and in your soul

Today, my creative endeavor was more photography. I have really been trying to take some cool creative photos. That, and I’ve been working on an altered art piece for a special event, that I really want to keep as a suprise.

So, here’s my photography practice for today.

On our way to the museum of Natural History, in manhattan.

Reeses. My husband’s favorite.

I only wonder how effective this is.

Going home from the museum. What can I say, they are cuter while sleeping.

What do you think?

The Craftaholic