Day 202: A Simple Twist of Fate

by thecraftaholic


“A learned person will become noble only when he or she has put into real practice what has been learned, instead of just mere words.”

Talk, talk, talk. Some people I know, and some people in the world, they really talk a good talk. They talk about spirituality, about living a life of peace, of oneness. But then, if they find something you do that hurts their feelings, they simply stop talking to you, as a child in elementary school does. This is a very childish and popular thing to do in New York. No one communicates their feelings, or tells you, listen you hurt my feelings, or you crossed a line. They just stop speaking to you. What a childish and immature thing to do. Even my two year old handles her feelings better than that. Really.

It’s not enough to just talk a good talk, and try to convince the world that you are this hippy beatnick who wants a revolution. A REAL person who wants peace and revolution lives a life of revolution, not childishness. It’s not just about being kind to the environment, and pointing out other people’s mistakes as they make them (actually, that’s really annoying). Think about this: did Ghandi act the way you did? Did Frida Khalo act this way? Or Che Guevara? I don’t think they any of them had time for cattiness or selfishness, and I would think that Ghandi would confront a person, rather than just stop speaking to a person.

So when you are out there and someone does something that bothers you, as people will, don’t go through friendship after friendship, seeking the “perfect” person to be your friend. Friendship isn’t marriage. I don’t have to be you, I just have to listen to you.

I’m writing about this, because  I find that people don’t want a friend, they want someone to be their mirror image. But that’s not what friendship is about. I know this is a New York thing, because most of the friends I DO have are not from here.

I’ve said it before: art has no place for cattiness and pettiness. I don’t have the time, and art doesn’t either. Art & Spirituality have so much in common in that sense. Both of them express a deeper part of you, and for this reason, they go hand in hand. Art expresses a part of yourself that perhaps you may not be able to speak in words. Spirituality does also. Do us all a favor, and look at our friends, the cats and dogs. I mean, if they have a problem with another cat or dog, you can hear them bark. They will tell you what’s what. They don’t hold things in. Let’s be that way. Let’s be like our friends, the cats and dogs that may bark or want to fight, but at least they “speak their mind”. Don’t hold things in. EXPRESS yourself. COMMUNICATE.

That’s why I love observing animals. We are like animals in so many ways, but when it comes to communication, animals are better at this than we are. We regard ourselves as being so much more evolved than animals, but in fact…animals don’t get divorced or go through friendships like water or cigarettes. Just food for thought.

Today’s crafty endeavor is some collage work. I was really inspired by one of my favorite Bob Dylan albums, “Tangled Up in Blue”. One of my favorite songs on this album is “A Simple Twist of Fate”. This is a pre-made accordion album. Each panel is going to based on a few lines from the said song. Here’s the first one:

This one is based on the lines, “They sat together in the park, as the evening sky grew dark”

Here’s the next one:

This one is based on the lines, “She looked at him and he felt a spark, tingle to his bones”

So, what do you think? Obviously, I have a lot more to go. It takes me time to piece these together, so that’s why I’ve only got two panels done. If you’re wondering what the lyrics are, here’s a link.

What else? I ordered some supplies, so when they come in, we’ll have ourselves a little Bob Dylan challenge. This time, with a prize.

The Craftaholic