Day 196: Easter Bunny Gift Tags

by thecraftaholic


“All human beings come from a mother’s womb. We are all the same part of one human family.”

Just as I was saying yesterday how we should revel in our humanness, this is just a confirmation. We must learn to realize that we are all the same. It’s not just about race. It goes beyond that. It’s about race, creed, religion and sexual preference. None of us are better than another. It doesn’t matter what you think, or what god you worship, or which way you think is the exclusive way to the proverbial “heaven”. The truth is, no one, unless you’ve been there, knows what awaits beyond the grave. So stop thinking that you should exclude someone from your life, simply because of the way they choose to live your life.

Perhaps this a very blunt way of putting it, but I’ve never been one to mince words. And the truth is, I really hate it when people leave others out, or criticize a group of people, simply because they have different ways of approaching life. Instead, try to find things you have in common with a person. This goes ESPECIALLY for you New Yorkers out there reading. You all are so good at excluding, and segretating. Truly. It’s the one thing about living in New York City that I cannot get used to: the segregation. There is so much segregation in NYC! I was astonished at first, but I guess that’s what one can expect in a city where the richest and poorest dwell. Go beyond the discomfort of differences. Go beyond that.

When I first got serious about my art, I wanted to find other artists out there. The aforementioned bit about NY made it hard for me to really find true friendships. So instead, I just decided that everyone is an artist. We are all creative in one way or another. It’s my job in life, to show you just how artistic you are. So that’s what I do now. Like my friend Holly. She doesn’t even knit or crochet. But she can cook like no one’s buisness. That’s creative, don’t you think? So then, I connect with her creativity on that level. Just ask Martha Stewart or Emeril Lagassi just how creative the kitchen can be. Creativity is everywhere. Everything is everywhere. Look at the commonness in others, instead of the differences.

Today’s crafty endeavor, is a set of easter themed gift tags!

This is easy peasy.

You’ll need:

One sheet of easter themed scrapbook paper

grocery bag paper

a cursive or french script stamp (mine is from stampin up , tho I can’t remember the name of the stamp)

a black ink pad

blender marker

brown pigment ink pad

one chocolate bunny stamp from Stampin up

sticker paper

So the first thing, is to stamp the bunny four times on sticker paper, then let the ink dry.

After that, blend in the brown ink a bit with a blender marker. This makes the bunny a nice light chocolate color. And cut it out, of course.

Then, cut out four small envelopes from a template. I used a plastic stencil template by Paper Pizzaz.

After that, stamp the cursive french writing, onto the unfolded envelope, and glue.

Then stick the bunnies onto the envelope.

With your easter themed scrapbook paper, cut out four tags. I used a die with my big shot.

Then, glue the envelopes onto the scrapbook paper. I added a bit of yarn for the tassel.

You like it?

Oh! I also made these cool little paper flowers, they are for sale in my shop.

Like them? They are in my shop, just click on the above photos, as they are linked to my shop. They actually are listed with free shipping, now that I think about it.

Tomorow I’m going to the Whole Bead Show. I am so excited!