Day 194: Butterfly Garland

by thecraftaholic


“When we die nothing can be taken with us but the seeds of our life’s work and our spiritual knowledge.”

It’s so true. We live our life, clinging so tightly to our possessions. Why? It’s not like you can take it with you. We leave the earth in death with just the same amount of stuff we came with-ourselves. Actually, we leave with less! We leave without our physical bodies.

Let’s use our creativity just for the sake of being creative. Don’t cling to things. Make art for art’s sake. Let’s not become “elitists” about it. Who cares what name brand you use? Materialism is such an ugly thing. I think it’s sad when you see an artist making things that they only intend to make you purchase. It’s sad. Make art for art’s sake, not just for the sake of selling an item.

When you pursue what your passion is, you’ll find the ability to make a living from your art. But it takes time. Just relax and realize that you must follow your passion.

Follow your passion, not money or materialism.

Today, there is a tutorial! Yay!

We’re going to make a beautiful butterfly garland.

For this, you’ll need a butterfly shape. I used a butterfly die cut from a pack of Brenda Walton die cuts. From the same pack, I also used a cute little sentiment, for the middle.

You’ll also need some shimmering thread. I used some pretty threads by DMC threads. I actually used three at a time, and braided them. So go ahead and do that.

Then, I used the die cut as my template, to cut 8 butterflies. I used the Butterfly stack, by DCWV.

So go ahead now, and cut out 8 butterflies.

Then, on the floor, you’ll need to glue them to the thread.

I did that with the wrong side facing me, so this way it’s easier.

So, here’s what I ended up with:

What do you think? You like it?

Maybe I’ll make up a kit for you, hmm? I forgot to mention that I made this for a swap. You think she’ll like it?

The Craftaholic